Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Butter 250 gms
Powdered Sugar 250 gms
Eggs 5 Nos
Flour 250 gms
Baking powder 1 tsp
Spices Powder 2 tsp
Mixed Dry Fruits 500 gms
Nuts 100 gms
Caramel Syrup 1/2cup to 1cup
• Cream the butter until light, add sugar and continue till well mixed and almost
• Wash and wipe the eggs. Break each separately into a saucer or small bowl,
and beat into the creamed butter. Beat them in one egg at a time.
• Sieve the flour, baking powder and spices. Sieve three times to nicely aerate
the flour. (Use a few spoons of the flour to sprinkle on top of the mixed dry
fruits and nuts)
• Fold the remaining flour into the batter.
• Add the fruits and nuts, alternating with the caramel syrup.
• Take care that you FOLD gently. DO NOT STIR hard. Over mixing the cake will
cause it to loose its texture
• Line a cake tin with butter paper and oil lightly. Spoon the batter into the tin
and gently tap the bottom of the tin on the table.
• Place the cake tins in an oven that has been preheated. For various sizes of
ovens and various sizes of cake tins, the temperature will vary. Yet, for an
average home owner, I suggest preheating to 200 C, and after placing the cake,
immediately turn down to 180 C. After half hour, open the oven door and place
a paper on top of the cake tin to prevent over scorching the cake. Continue
cooking for another hour, or till done.
• Remove from oven allow to cool for fifteen minutes before turning out of the
tin. Turn out and leave to cool on a paper sheet or towel, away from dust.
• Soak with a few capfuls of wine, brandy, whisky or rum if you wish, and wrap in
butter paper or cling film.


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