Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AVIAL ( One of the most healthiest vegetable preparation.)

One of the most healthiest vegetable preparation.

Mixed vegetables 2cups
(Carrot, beans, cucumber, green banana, onion, etc)
Green chilly 1
Coconut milk 1/2cup
Coconut oil 1tbsp
Curry leaves 1sprig
Grated coconut 2tbsp
Cumin 1/4tsp
(Grind coconut and cumin together)
Salt to taste


1 Clean and cut vegetables into julienne
2 In a clay pot cook each vegetable separately , depending on its cooking time
3 .Meanwhile, grind the coconut and keep aside.
4 Into the cooked vegetables add salt, coconut oil, stir very lightly, taking care not to break up any pieces.
5 Add the coconut milk, finally add the coconut paste and the curry leaves , cover immediately..